Land of Grenache grapes
and courage..

Almost all the plantations are influenced
by the River Jalón. They are set along
its left bank, five kilometres from the
village of Épila and within its municipal
limits. at a height of 353 metres above
sea level. A small part lies in
Jarque del Moncayo, a colder area
that lies at a height of
about 700 metres.


An unknown and
exceptional area with
a special terroir set
between Calatayud and
Campo de Borja, the cradle
of the Grenache grape.


Our elements give
rise to elegance,
concentration, and structure.

The soil is of average depth, an open soil with
rocks to make drainage easy. The whole
district is chalky with a clay layer
that retains the humidity of the scanty
annual rainfall.
We also have exceptional hillside vineyards
with soils that are mainly of grey chalk
which we use to explore a very different side
of Grenache and Macabeo grapes.
Valdejalón has a Mediterranean-influenced
continental climate, with high temperatures
in summer and medium to low temperatures in winter,
scanty rainfall, and very continuous
pattern of winds that are channelled by the
Ebro Depression to blow either
from the north-west (the Cierzo wind) or
from the south-east (the Bochorno wind).
It is very extreme, due to its wide temperature
changes over short periods.

—Weather conditions

Rainfall is scanty, and varies between 200 and 500 l / m2 per year.

The prevailing wind is called the “Cierzo”, which blows for several days a year.

Temperatures in spring and autumn are gentle and agreeable, lying between 5 and 25º C. Winter temperatures are between -5 and 10º C, with summer temperatures ranging from 20 to 40 ºC.

We have 3000 hours of sunshine per year.


We have 3 000 hours of sunshine per year.
The vineyards are our life. They are the living history of our land, Valdejalón.
We grow grapes in very different vineyards, from the boulders and gentle slopes of Épila, to the chalky highland vineyards of Jarque del Moncayo. We have a jewel, the El Jardín de las Iguales, which is an exceptional vineyard.