El Jardín de las Iguales

In addition to the 40 hectares
that we manage on the outskirts of
Épila, one of the objectives of
Bodegas Frontonio is the rehabilitation
of unique vineyards of great value.
Amongst those vineyards is one
that stands out: the Jardín de las Iguales,
an inhospitable area that lies
in the most secluded parts of Alpartir.
Two hectares of century-old vineyard
that we are rehabilitating.


Chalk soils, north-facing slopes,
and 97-year-old vines. Planted in containers,
they have three branches that have
a lot of permanent wood and that have
grown year after year thanks to pruning.
The slope means that normal tractors
cannot be used, which means that
the work must be done using horses or
a hand-operated tiller. Productions of less
than one kilo and a balanced leaf surface
mean concentration and phenolic maturity.